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ABOVE: This Gargoyles Demona & Goliath cosplay takes me back to the time when cartoons were rad. [FashionableGeek]


Worlds tallest LEGO structure. Let the “Your Momma So Big” jokes commence. Your Mama so big, she uses worlds largest LEGO tower as a toothpick. [mashable]


Extermination by chocolate Dalek cake. [Pinterest]


If Disney Princesses were Capcom fighting game characters. MikeVDesign has managed to capture the early Street Fighter feel while still maintaining the princessy-ness of Disney’s leading ladies. Even in 16-bit, these Disney babes give me a boner. Yes, there is something wrong with me, I know. [geekologie]


Alien Xenomorph ring morphs into brass knuckles. It mostly comes out at nightly bar fights, mostly.  [Geekologie]


This geeky wedding had an adorable robotic ring bearer in K-9 from Doctor Who. The remote-controlled cutie was built by bride Kelsie Curtis’ Dad who also made them a TARDIS cake. Father of the year here, father of the year.  [The Mary Sue]

Another unbelievable LEGO Hobbit Animation by BrotherhoodWorkshop. The LEGO version of Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug teaser. 2 months in the making and countless man hours. Better effects than the original trailer. [GeekTyrant]

Mortal Kombat’s Scorpion vs some regular average real-life Joe. Mortal men are no match for the fictional fighting foes of Outworld. This guy sucks! [ObviousWinner]

HISHE is back at it again, taking on giant robots protecting Humanity. Go Go Power Jaegers. [TheMarySue]

Honest trailer: Star Trek Into Darkness. This isn’t just an Honest Trailer… it’s a BRUTALLY honest trailer… check the comments section, I think Simon Pegg told the to Frak off. [Dorkly]

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