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ABOVE: Today is Valentine’s Day, but tonight is Valentine’s night. What better way to surprise the nerd you love than dressing up as their favorite Star Wars character, eh? Thanks to Redditor Buffitron for the idea. [Geeks Are Sexy]


If you’re lonely on Valentine’s Day, then don’t fret, you’re not totally alone. It’s doubtful either Ice King or Ice Queen are sharing the day with any princesses/princes. Speaking of, Kida-Takashi‘s Ice Queen cosplay is gorgeous! Can’t imagine she’d be all alone today. Check out Fashionably Geek for more photos from Kelevar.


Disney Princess cosplay is nothing new, but how about these historically accurate costumes based off of Clare Hummel‘s artwork? These are stunning! And look! There’s even a Disney Prince. The photo comes from Marni Imagery, but head to Fashionably Geek to meet the ladies behind the gowns.


All the rage in Japan–animal omelettes! It also explains why every one in Japan is so skinny. They’re food is too adorable to eat! See Kotaku for even more animal omurice.


It’s not the cannabis energy drink we need right now, but it’s one we deserve. Batmanabis. (Patent pending.) [Bleeding Cool]


Space Jam is a 90s classic, but what could make it better? Oh, I don’t know, maybe playing a Space Jam mod for NBA2K. Created by MkEliteWorksX this mod is simply the best thing ever. [Kotaku]

The team of Antonio and Andrea Toscano have found a way to make the Captain America: The Winter Soldier trailer even better… LEGO. Seriously, there’s nothing LEGO can’t improve upon. [Comics Alliance]

And since we’re on LEGOs, how about The LEGO Movie? Awesome, right!? Of course it was, and so is its blooper reel.

Also, if you’ve seen The LEGO Movie then you know Batman was easily the best part. Do you remember his that metal song he composed? Well, even if you don’t you will now. Check out the video with lyrics!


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