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If your idea of a perfect holiday flick is people dressed in Christmas sweaters being hunted down by an evil iPhone 4S, oh boy, have we got something special for you. (/Film)


The website MovieMistakes.com creates a list every year of, yeah, you guess it, the best movie mistakes of that year. Below check out the Ten Best Movie Mistakes of 2011:

1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 – Why is there snow in Hogsmeade when the trio gets there and meets Aberforth? Hogsmeade and Hogwarts are within walking distance of each other, yet there is no snow at Hogwarts.

2. X-Men: First Class – In First Class, Professor X is made handicapped in 1962 at the end of the movie. In the previous X-men movie, he was walking when he visited the girl (Jean) in the mid 70s with Magneto.

3. Transformers: Dark of the Moon – In the first scene with Carly coming up the stairs she is wearing a white cap, when the camera changes to the front view and she is holding the stuffed rabbit the cap is gone.

4. The Green Hornet – When Reid and Kato are fighting by the pool, the beach ball falls off the chair (beside the pool) when they land in the water, but is back up on the chair in a following shot.

5. Source Code – This scene is repeated multiple times in the movie: usually when the main character enters the “source code” the scene begins by panning over a small pond showing a Canadian goose taking flight. However the sound editor makes the mistake of dubbing in a recording of a hen mallard duck.

6. Fast Five – The gang steal four brand new Police spec 2011 Dodge Chargers. When Brian and Dom yank the safe out, the Chargers they’re driving are older spec, with the old tail lights. Han and Roman are seen driving the other, new Chargers later in that chase.

7. The Hangover Part 2 – Bradley Cooper calls Stu “Ed” when they are fleeing from Russians with the monkey.

8. Scream 4 – In the final shot of the film, Jill’s head moves slightly when she’s supposed to be dead.

9. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides – Captain Barbossa’s ship has a modern Union Jack flying on the stern. The film is set in the reign of George II (1727 – 1760). The flag shown includes the cross of St Patrick, although Ireland did not become part of the United Kingdom until 1801, and the Union Jack at the time of the film would have comprised only the crosses of St George(England) and St Andrew (Scotland).

10. Thor – When the Destroyer arrives amidst the Shield agents, a coffee cup sitting on the dash of one of the vehicles spills over. The next shot it can be seen lying on its side. The reverse angle shot then shows it upright again.

Honestly, sometimes you’ll watch a movie and think, was no one paying attention from one day to the next!? Who’s editing these things?! If I was stoned I could do a better job. (Geek Tyrant)


Every year there’s one toy children desire and one toy adults dread not getting their hands on. This infograhic details what toy was at the center of so many soccer mom brawls on Black Friday:

(Click to embiggen)

Holy crap. I totally had that Rollerblading Barbie from 1991. What a terribly unsafe idea, Mattel. Let’s put the same flint mechanism from a lighter on a skate for a Barbie doll. There’s no way a lawsuit could come of this! (Geek Tyrant)


It should really come as no surprise we’ll be featuring a lot of “Best of 2011” stuff over this coming week. And 2011 was a great year or a terrible year depending on how you look back on it. Like this compilation of the Best Viral Videos of the Year from Videogum. You might love or loathe reliving these videos, but for the sake of remembering all those who suffered for our entertainment this past year, give it a watch. (Nerdist)


Because in our world, a world of ultra-nerds and debates on shit that matters little in the scope of the universe, we need these references with handy graphics:

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Aw yeah, I think we all want to see Azrael’s batsuit back. I know some character in the New 52 could wear that suit. (Comics Alliance)

Let me guess, you’ve seen the new trailer for The Hobbit? Hell, you’ve probably watched, I don’t know, maybe a dozen times by now.  Want to watch it again? Yes, but do you want to watch it again, edited differently because there are fans devoted enough to do that. Of course your do. And, I might even like this edit better. How about you? (Geeks of Doom)


(Click to embiggen)

Celebrate the holidays with this tasty treat, courtesy of everyone’s favorite Orange Lantern and ultimate hoarder, Larfleeze! (Comics Alliance)

Nerd Approved has a great collection of nerdy Christmas trees featured on their site. I think the Cthulu tree is easily the best, but which do you like? Also, if you’ve decorated one kick ass nerdy tree sent it to us and we can feature it here next week!


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