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ABOVE: This is the bronze Smaug sculpture created by artist John Howe and WETA Workshop. Each one costs $4,900 and is a 3-D replica of the Smaug pictured on the 1991 paperback versions of The Hobbit. $5,000!? Even if it was forged from the tears of baby Benedict Cumberbatch, I wouldn’t pay that. [Geekologie


Jeff Chapman, on Deviantart  produced a spiffy Photoshop of what Gal Galdot might look like as Wonder Woman. Eh, I don’t know if that looks good to me or not. I feel on the negative side of ‘meh’. I still prefer this one [TheMarySue]


Benjamin Rice made this X-Wing lamp for SPIN London. What’s an X-Wing lighting construct doing at a urban bicycle show? Staying on target of course. [Technabob


1966 Batman costume t-shirts. They should really make 1966 Batman costume bottoms, else you want your batballs to be on display. At the least, a “Pow” or “Bang” censor sign should be paired with it to cover up.   [Geek Alerts]


How to Train Your Dragon cake by  Richard’s Cakes Now how to train people not to eat it, that’s the real challenge. [ThatsNerdalicious]


The Poison Ivy ‘Green with Envy’ premium format figure perfectly captures Gotham City’s most seductive siren! Available now, she’s a truly breathtaking addition to any growing Batman or DC Comics collection! FYI: Did you know there’s such a thing as people being sexually attracted to plants? It’s called phytophilia. In case you’re wondering, no I am not plantsexual (that’s what I’m calling it for now). [SideShowCollectibles]

Star Wars as you’ve never seen it before: with really terrible sound effects dubbed in. Eh…still better than Phantom Menace. [Laughing Squid]

Finger snapping Super Mario. My fingers hurt from watching this. What a neat but spectacularly useless talent. [Emil Axelsson]

Help out a fellow nerd! Check out this comic book web series and donate to their Kickstarter. A TATE’S comics employee unwittingly unleashes some of the most notorious supervillains into our reality. [KickStarter]

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