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ABOVE: Hasbro to release Chewbacca Furby [GAS]


Jurassic Park raptor transport cage bunk bed for those little Raptors you call your children [Dave’s Geeky Ideas]

spidey work

Spider-Man is coming home to the Marvel Cinematic universe. The Avengers couldn’t be more pleased.  [Reddit]

Mario, I Don't Recognize You Anymore

What Mario would look like without his mustache and plumber hat.  [Kotaku]


The Age of Ultron Halloween costume are, umm, weird. [CBM]


If you’re a fan of comic books, you can now put fighting words like “KAPOW!”, “BIFF!”, “ZAP!” and “BOOM!” to use in the form of 5mm clear perspex coasters. [Etsy]

she-ra apron edit

For the Honor of Greyskull, you can have the power (of cooking) by wearing this She-Ra style apron [Bambino Amore]


These Jedi are actually the International Space Station’s Expedition 45 crew. This is the official NASA poster for their upcoming launch “Expedition XLV: The Science Continues. [NBCnews.com]

felicityfigure edit

Arrow’s Felicity Smoak is finally getting her own action figure [IGN]


Limited Edition Daryl Dixon Zombie ear necklace [ThinkGeek]

Sith and Jedi debate the crossguard. Whose side are you on? [The Warp Zone]

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