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ABOVE: Red Sonja cosplay by “It’s Raining Neon”. [It’s Raining Neon]

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The newest Yahtzee game includes a flux capacity [Gizmodo]

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Hot Toys new Hulk figure is ready for smashing. [Sideshowtoy]


Make up artist transforms people into living comic book characters. [Lianne Moseley]


The latest in Hasbro’s Star Wars Black Series. [Page2]


Batman bed and furniture set [ShortysCreations01]


Batmobile and Millennium Falcon mint carrying cases. [ThatsNerdalicious]


Super Hero bottle sleeves [Technabob]

World's Smallest Actual Levitating Back to the Future Part II Hover Boards

Worlds smallest actual levitating Back to the Future Part II hover boards. [BTTF]


Awesome Mix Tape is now an Awesome Necklace [ThinkGeek]

Jackson Gordon, an industrial design student at Philadelphia University, built this awesome Batsuit that will actually protect you in a fight.[FG]

Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope fan film. Now this is how you do a live action Dragon Ball Z movie [RobotUnderdog2]

Bringing the world of Avatar to life and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. [Disney Parks]

Mortal Kombat X – every brutality so far. [IG]

This real-life League of Legends Jinx Gun features real laser and “lightning-in-a-jar” tube. [LaserGadgets]

Adam Savage of Mythbusters built a scale model of the hedge maze from The Shining. [Tested]

“Raiders: The Greatest Fan Film Ever Made” is a documentary that tells the story of three 11-year-olds (in 1982) that decide to remake Raiders of the Lost Ark. Here’s the trailer. [RaidersDoc]

Smile Were Bright at Katsucon 2015: a cosplay video by Beat Down Boogie. [beatdownboogie]


And now, T-shirts you gotta buy today!




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