Every day the internet produces an astounding amount of goodies and gems. Most hilarious, some amusing, but all worth at least a few seconds of your time. We here at Nerd Bastards try to bring you the best bits of news and nerdery the webz has to offer, with a bit of snark thrown in. But sometimes not everything makes the cut. Monday through Friday we’ll be bringing you our inbox leftovers, our forgotten bookmarks, the nerdy bits that simply slipped through the cracks. You can submit items to Nerdy Bits by emailing us at nerdybits@nerdbastards.com.

ABOVE: The Gotham City Sirens doll it up with these burlesque-looking outfits and, hey, wait a minute, when did Natalia move to Gotham? (Fashionably Geek)

While yes, this map could never actually work and all these fictional nations existing together would never happen, it’s fun to dream. I feel like, by now, Mordor would have conquered much of the mainland and Harry Potter and Sarah from Labyrinth would have become tributes in The Hunger Games. Talk about a mega-crossover fanfiction event. (Nerd Approved)

Justice League circa 1500. Defending peasants from their oppressive overloads and drinking plenty of ale. Book them now for your next Ren Faire! (Fashionably Geek)

Everyone went mad for SyFy’s updated Battlestar Galatica, but you’ve got admit Scruffy Rebel‘s amazing Colonial Warrior cosplay has to get you interested in the original. Though, I don’t think Apollo or Starbuck wore it quite as well. (Fashionably Geek)

A new Star Trek fan film is on its way and it’s starring a few people you might recognize, particularly Mythbuster’s Grant Imahara as Mr. Sulu and Chris Doohan, son of original Scotty James Doohan, as Mr. Scott. Their official site has more info, but the movie is expected to pick up where the television series left off. Finally! The crew of the Enterprise can finish their five year mission! (io9)

Advertising the opening of their own Star Wars Miniland, Legoland in Windsor, England has been running these great ads which put a positive  spin on some of Star Wars‘ most famous quotes. For more check out Nerd Approved.


Oh, toy commercials. You’re always terrible but in no way does that stop the kids, or the kids at heart, from buying everything you advertise. Seriously though, this does have one awful rap, can’t imagine what middle-aged, white guy thought this was hip and cool and all the kids would love it. (Comics Alliance)

So, I know we’ve seen dozens of animals with lightsaber videos, but who can really say no to another? Not me. Watch this Sith Cat kick ass. (Obvious Winner)

If you have never visited The Oatmeal, then you’re doing the Internet wrong. Here in his very first animated video is The Motherfucking Pterodactyl as a Sing-a-Long! Do yourself a favor, turn up the sound and dance around, it’s the motherfuckin’ Pterodactyl. (Laughing Squid)

As if we haven’t been talking about Game of Thrones enough, here’s a fantastic recap video to get you up to speed for season two, beginning this Sunday. As a bonus, it’s a song! (Bleeding Cool)


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