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ABOVE: Andraia63’s cosplay of Norn from Guild Wars 2 is one of the most beautiful cosplays I’ve ever seen. Geeks Are Sexy has more shots from the photoshoot, which was shot at a freakin’ ice castle! Click on over to see more photos of Andraia by WeNeals Photography


Valentine’s Day is a few days away, so it’s not too late to say “I love you and want to exterminate your planet” with a card from Autogeography.

batman valentine

If saying “I love you” with daleks isn’t your thing, then print out this stalkerific Batman valentine (or one of the many others). Artist Mark Anderson bought a pack of 1966 Batman valentines online and this was inside.  [Geeks Are Sexy]

princess bride game

Okay, so I’m not totally sure what the purpose of this Princess Bride game is, but I know I need it in my life. It’s pretty perfect for the dorky night of board games I have planned for my birthday in a few weeks. It seems like it has a bit of Cards Against Humanity flavor because you end up with things like “Hello, my name is Wil Wheaton. You wore my pearls. Prepare to die!” [Technabob]

enterprise ring

Jeweler and fellow nerd Paul Michael does it again! On Monday, he posted this gorgeous Enterprise ring to his Facebook page. It’s made of white gold and blue diamonds with accents of white diamonds.


You can really tie a room together with this Big Lebowski rug… okay, let’s be honest here. This rug wouldn’t tie any room together. In fact, Lebowski’s face is kind of terrifying in rug form. [Incredible Things]


Well this is interesting, though not at all surprising. Two university students analyzed 50 superheroes, both male and female, to determine what their body mass index would be if they were real people. All of the women were slightly to severely underweight. The men however, had a wide range of BMIs, none of which were underweight. [Tor]

mario romance novel

I want these video game romance novels, covers by Echo Chernik, to be a real thing…. wait… what am I saying? I’m 100% sure there is bodice ripping Mario fanfic somewhere on the internet! …. But now that I think about it, I don’t really think I want to read a Mario bodice ripper. [Neatorama]

The perfect serenade to prepare you for Valentine’s Day: Floppy disk drives playing Soft Cell’s Tainted Love. [Laughing Squid]

With the exception of the drum track, all of the sounds in this song are spliced together from scenes from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. [GeekTyrant]

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asgardian absinthe


sleuth of baker street

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