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ABOVE: It still surprises me to hear that people still watch The Simpsons. I thought that show lost it’s cultural relevancy 10 years ago, but no, it’s still going strong. There’s a market for it, a market it that I’m sure will go bonkers over this Simpson LEGO house set. The product is a real thing and will start being available in LEGO stores and online in February 2014 for $199 in the US and $229 in Canada. [GAS]


Nidalee from League of Legends from costumer Calssara. Red hair has been associated with personality traits such as fiery temperament, combativeness or aggressiveness, and an overactive–if not downright freaky libido. Here’s one with a pointy stick. Run! [GeekXGirls]


Etsy seller schnabuble makes Cat Battle Armor. Make your kitty ready to face off against the RoUS’s. [Kotaku]


Women spends $30K turning house into USS Enterprise. I guess you could say “she made it so”.  [Geekologie]


Brace yourselfs (and your wallet) Game of Thrones Mystery Minis by Funko are coming. Sized 2.5-inches tall, there are a total of 24 unique GoT-characters to collect! [ToysREvil]

A fun music video for Rap-Viper, a song from Wordburglar’s 5th album “Welcome To Cobra Island”. I dunno what this dude is babbling, but it sounds good and, well, Cobra Commander. [Worldburglar]

Two singers and one violinist play a sweet World of Warcraft medly. Whoa, this sent chills down my spine. Imma have to play this next time I get intimate with Mrs. Nerd Bastards. Hey, an epic night of love making needs and epic sound track. [Kotaku]

CineFix presents Pulp Fiction retold via old-school 8-bit (and a little 16 bit 😉 game tech. I wonder how “Does he look like a bitch?” does sound in 8-bit? [CineFix]


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