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ABOVE: Wicked gender bending Witcher cosplay. [Aelirenn]


Mario themed apartment for rent. [Rocket News 24]


What Westeros would like in a Google map. [Mashable]


Cosplayers pose with pets to help them find homes. [Capital City Garrison]


You’ve already seen the $21,500 Hulkbuster statue from Beast Kingdom, and now you can add Captain America, Thor, Iron-Man and War Machine to the list of ridiculous things you probably can’t afford. [EntertainmentEarth]


Giant LEGO mosaic of Dungeons and Dragons book cover. [Geekologie]


One of the most renowned Spider-Man cosplayers poses on a Parking Meter and looked cool doing it. [Reddit]


Wearable muscle suits will help you bring out the super hero physique in your cosplays. [Flex Design Costumes]


Former Hasbro publicist is auctioning off many past exclusives for charity to benefit the Greg Olsen foundation, which combats cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 12.11.00 PM

Scenes from Star Wars recreated in a single sheet of paper. [Paper Dandy]


Direct Wes Anderson designed the perfect Wes Anderson bar in Milan, Italy. [Wired]

7 trolliest Xbox achievements that ever trolled. [outsidexbox]

T-1000 – the drink sent from the future to terminate your liver. [Aggressive Comix]

The best cosplays from C2E2 in video. [beatdownboogie]

Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer in 16-bit video game form. [Noober Goober Gaming]

Star Wars: The Purr Awakens. [Geek & Sundry]

Frozen Trailer! – Homemade shot for shot. [CineFix]

Why every Avenger should be able to wield Thors hammer. [Dorkly]


And Now For T-Shirts You Need Buy (Before They’re Gone)




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