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At the risk of overstating the obvious. Darth Skeletor could possibly be the most villainous villain to ever vill. A god among nerd, Ryan Renders, was picked by Halloweencostumes.com to create a custom Darth Vadar helmet and the result was this amazing Masters of the Universe/Star Wars mash-up. You can check out more photos on Renders Deviant Art page. Now where is my Yoda cosplaying as Orko, damn it.

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If you ride motorcycles and want to keep a high level of geek cred, then get out your cheque book my friend and head over to UD Replicas, makers of the finest (and I assume only) official fully licensed movie replica motorcycle leathers. The above pictured Storm Trooper suits are going to set you back a cool $1100 when they come out, a small price to pay if you ask me.

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Are you tired of taking your Android phone into the bathroom with you and having to settle for games that not quite full console quality? Well, now you have the option of taking the OnLive platform with you while you do your business. The cloud based gaming service has announced an Android app that will bring the on demand video game service to smart phones. Yes, Android get’s it first, but don’t worry iPhone users, soon you’ll get to drop a deuce and play Arkham City too.

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You know, I am starting to feel like the last damn person on the planet not playing Skyrim. Here’s an amazingly well done cover of the theme song from the Bethesda game (originally composed by Jeremy Soule) by YouTube user Malukah.

I was about 6 years old when I first discovered that a snowstorm makes a great jump to light speed simulator. Thanks for catching up, internet.

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If the above mention motorcycle leathers aren’t your thing, if you’re less Harley and more 10-speed, we’re not leaving you out. For a measly $60 you can get your very own bad ass Iron Man hoodie from Think Geek. Sure, its made from a cotton/polyester blend and not geodesic alloy with carbon nanotube-reinforced ceramic plates and coated with a kevlar-like polymer, but unlike Tony Stark’s suit, it is machine washable.

Via: GeekTyrant


With Christmas right around the bend, here’s something for the Dr. Who fans on your list. Basically the greatest TARDIS purse/bag we’ve ever seen. Why? It has a blinking LED light, baby (and we are easily amused by blinking lights). Check it out over at FashionablyGeek


As we start to wrap up Nerdy Bits for the week, how about a wonderfully adorable Legend of Zelda music video! Now before you hit the internet forums and start checking in on this. No, sadly it is not part of a pilot for a new Link TV show. Well not yet anyways, but with a well organized letter writing campaign, it could be. It should be.

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Lastly, here is the song you will have stuck in your head the rest of the day. Yes Kirby Krackle as a new track and we have it for you! I really hate to say it, but the subject matter of this one strikes deep. If I could get Jim Lee to come in and paint my living room I would. Buy a TARDIS? Hell yes, and of course I’d get a Robocop to guard it. You have to protect your investments, people.

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