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ABOVE: In the Game of Balloons you shape or you pop.   [ObviousWinner]

35-foot-tall straw Dalek terrorizes British countryside

A Dalek straw sculpture created by Snugburys ice cream shop sit in a field in Nantwich in Cheshire. For over 10 years the ice cream shop have been building amazing straw sculptures in their field along side Chester Road. This years sculpture coincides with the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. [i09]


Jareth the Goblin queen cosplay. Yes, I said “queen”. This gender swap was done by the power of the babe Natalie. [FashionablyGeek]


Batman wedding ring. For you to pass onto your child when you get shot dead in an alley and leave him or her to become the night. [CustomMade]


Composite photo of all the actors who have ever played Superman reveals the ultimate super face. Looks like a young Tim Daly, who oddly enough, voiced Supes in the animated series.  [NerdApproved]

CineFix presents Kick-Ass retold via old-school 8-bit game. That truly about sums it up. [CineFix]

Dozens of Sci-Fi movie edited together into the most epic trailer ever. If anything this just goes to shows how formulaic movies truly are.   [TheMarySue]

How much noise (in dB) would you have to generate to actually Fus Ro Dah someone? [VSauce3]




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