We absolutely love it when fictional worlds of popular culture cross into real world consumerism and create unique fan experiences. Such as the case with Baskin-Robbins and Netflix Scifi-Horror series Stranger Things 

Season 3 of the series show will be released on July 4. In conjunction with the upcoming third season, Baskin-Robbins has launched a specialty menu of Stranger Things-flavored ice cream. 

Baskin-Robbins’ dastardly delicious tie-ins include:

  1.  Eleven’s Heaven, waffle cone-flavored ice cream with chocolate-coated sugar cone pieces and a chocolate-icing-flavored ribbon, and Upside Down Pralines, chocolate ice cream with praline pecans and a chocolate-caramel flavored ribbon
  2. Upside Down Sundae — a sundae made with Upside Down Pralines, but built upside down with the toppings on the bottom
  3. Demogorgon Sundae — a waffle bowl sundae that looks like a Demogorgon monster
  4. Byers’ House Lights Polar Pizza Ice Cream Treat — a chocolate chip Polar Pizza crust with Snickers ice cream, topped with strings of fudge and M&Ms Christmas lights, a reference to the lights hung up in the Byers’ home on the show
  5. USS Butterscotch Quarts — butterscotch flavored ice cream with butterscotch toffee and a toffee ribbon
  6. Elevenade Freeze — a drink made with vanilla ice cream and Minute Maid lemonade.

The ice-cream chain is also selling exclusive “Stranger Things” merchandise, such as a Steve Funko figure, 1980s-inspired magnets and sticker sets and Stranger Things T-shirts. And fresh-packed ice cream will be sold in four limited-edition take-home containers with show-related designs.

The Nerd Bastards crew headed to a local Baskin-Robbins for some in the field reporting (tasting) for its Nerdy YouTube Travel/Discovery Channel “Nerding Around” (Subscribe HERE). Being staunch defenders of Sundaes, we tried both the Upside Down Sundae and the Demogorgon Sundae. Both were weirdly wonderful and wonderfully weird but seriously the Upside Down Sundae  putting the toppings the bottom… GENIUS!


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