Ever since the good old days of “Old School” NES, there has always been Castlevania. The tales of vampire hunter Simon Belmont, a descendant of the Belmont Clan of vampire hunters as he uses his whip “Vampire Killer” to take on the forces of darkness. The popular series has more than 29 video game adaptations across many platforms from the Family Computer Disk System or FDS (yes, it’s that old) all the way to mobile phone games in the current age.

For quite some time, Konami and Nintendo have been trying to bring Castlevania over to another medium. At first, all eyes were on a big screen adaptation. They even had director Paul W. S. Anderson attached to direct a feature-length film based on the series. After years of being stuck in development hell, Netflix decided to adapt Castlevania as an animated miniseries as part of their Original Programming. The planned animated series is due to hit the streaming service this July. The social media account for Netflix Latina released a trailer for the upcoming show.

Netflix also released an extended trailer complete with NES nostalgia.

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