Marvel continues to tease the upcoming season 2 of Daredevil, starring Charlie Cox,on Netflix. Yesterday they tweeted out a look at the new Daredevil suit and today they tease about the return of an old friend to Hell’s Kitchen. What’s the suit look like and who’s the old friend? You’re gonna have to click-through for that my friend.Here’s the suit in a box…

That was followed up by this tweet:

Well, we all know whose weapon of choice that is. Will we see her in costume, or does she decide to costume up only after seeing Daredevil’s costume? Stick should also be back if Electra is around, they have some unfinished business to attend to. I really hope this is going to start the build up to the resurrection of Electra story from Frank Miller, it’s fantastic stuff and I would love to see it play out on the small screen.

Here’s an interesting thing I noticed the other day. There are some new Jon Bernthal Punisher shots over at JustJared.com making the Internet rounds. Bernthal is kinda beat up a bit wearing tactical gear. There are also two mobster looking guys with a big dog, a pit bull. That’s the interesting bit of this.

Bernthal is a big dog lover, and Pit Bull in particular and I am pretty sure that is one of his dogs in the picture. Here’s a tweet that Bernthal sent out when he was announced as the Punisher:

Here’s another tweet with a better look at his dog:

Bernthal has been known to take his dogs with him while shooting and it wouldn’t surprise me if the director saw the dog and decided to put something in the script and use Bernthal’s dog. I imagine we’ll see the Punisher take the dog with him at some point when he kills those two mobster goons.

Via: Daredevil Twitter

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