New 30 Spot For ‘Conan The Barbarian’

The new trailer for Conan is out with some choice words from the sword swinger. Conan purists have always said that while the Schwarzenegger Conan let his sword do most of the talking, the Conan from the pages of Robert Howard‘s classics spoke quite a bit.

I’m the first to say that I wasn’t thrilled with the casting of Jason Momoa as Conan when the news came out, but after seeing him play Khal Drago in HBO’s Game of Thrones, I’m more than ready to give him a shot. I’m just a little leery due to my thoughts about why Momoa was so good in Game of Thrones. The character Drago is mostly silent, so when he talked it was such a change that any words from his mouth were magnified.

What do you think about the subject?

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