Let’s wade back into the somewhat controversial waters of Iron Man 3, The Mandarin and a little-known actor named Trevor Slattery. The new Marvel one-shot starring Sir Ben Kingsley, “All Hail the King,” premieres on the Blu-ray release of Thor: The Dark World next week, but we have another clip worth checking out that shows not just what prison life is like for a certain character, but features a couple of Easter eggs that might expand out view of the Marvel Universe.

In the new clip courtesy of USA Today, we’re treated to the scene that Iron Man 3 co-writer and “All Hail the King” writer/director Drew Pearce spoke about to MTV last week saying:

There’s a lot of Trevor Easter egging in there. I think it’s definitely worth looking up the young prisoner that asks Trevor to do an impression of the Mandarin. It’s definitely worth people keeping an eye on as a character. What you can’t quite see is that there’s a tattoo by his eye that isn’t a teardrop, as one might normally expect, but is actually a tiny chess pawn tattoo.

So now that you know what to look for, let’s go looking for it…

According to /Film, the short features a character named Fletcher Heggs, who is played by Allen Maldonado. Heggs, you see, is Knight, part of a chess themed group of hit men put together by none other than Obadiah Stane, AKA: the bad guy played by Jeff Bridges in the first Iron Man movie. Might the Chessmen be a villainous force set up to plague the Marvel heroes in future film installments or episodes of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? As you ponder that, keep in mind that Seagate Prison, the film’s setting, is the same jail that housed Luke Cage, who will have his own Netflix series coming soon. What other Easter eggs await, and how many Easter eggs can one short film have?

Thor: The Dark World is out on Blu-ray next Tuesday.

Source: /Film

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