Principle photography for Amazing Spider-Man 2 continues to roll  in New York City.  Recently, onlookers saw their first look at Jamie Foxx‘s Max Dillon and Andrew Garfield Spider-Man sharing their first publicly filmed scene. Naturally, everyone started getting pictures and video on their cell phones.

While the film crew continued to work with Andrew and Jamie in front of the Hearst Building, filling in as the fictional Oscorp Industries, those around them were busy posting everything they saw to social media. By the look of the flipped car and setting, it looks Spidey saves Max (pre-transformation to Electro) from getting hit by a car.

Meanwhile the people over at celebuzz were able to get a bit closer to the Columbia Pictures set, getting the finer details of Andrew and Jamie rehearsing and shooting their scene together. They nabbed  a better look at the new and improved Spider-Man costume. Which, sticks closer to the comic book iteration we all know, and honestly the best representation of the suit seen so far. Jamie Foxx on the other hand, well, I’m getting a Jim Carrey as Edward Nigma from Batman Forever vibe. Not good. Anyway, check out the image gallery below:

Check out the filming on that scene below:

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