Assassin’s Creed is a great video game, taking players back in time to experience historically significant times in an action packed format. Whether the movies can do the same is still up in the air. Michael Fassbender‘s involvement is a plus and will draw in viewers, but will he be enough to turn this game franchise into a movie franchise? Certainly there are great stories that can be told in the Assassin’s Creed Universe as it skips through time, but remove the built-in fan base from the equation. Will those new to the franchise flock to the theater?landscape-1465885616-screen-shot-2016-06-14-at-07

Yes, I’m going to kill you using my thumb… no you won’t like it.

Here’s the second trailer, which didn’t seem to explain things very well…

This trailer seemed a bit confused, not to those familiar with the game, but anyone who hasn’t played the game of perhaps just dipped their toe in a time or two at a friend’s house. The questions the trailer raised weren’t really questions that would move someone to find the answers either…

The action on the other hand is off the charts cool, and might be what truly sells this movie enough to green light a sequel.

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