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We, the fabulous denizens of the interwebs, were given a quick tease of the full trailer a few days ago, but now the new Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer has arrived in its complete glory!  After the web went nuts for a few days throwing theories around about what we were actually seeing (dream sequence? Mind control? Ending of a very odd episode of Scooby Doo?), we finally get a little more info about the overall tone and scope of the film with the new scenes shown in the trailer.

Check it out below, courtesy of the fine folks at Jimmy Kimmel Live, who debuted the trailer on their show this evening:

Whoo!  There is a lot to take in in this three minutes of preview.  It’s clear that director Zack Snyder wants to showcase a lot of aspects that this movie hopes to feature.  There’s some humor up-front (something that DC has notoriously been criticized for lacking), wide-spread alien-type destruction, the return of Zod (and is that him turning into the Doomsday-type monster?), Alfred telling Bruce that it’s “suicide” to go up against Superman, Lois Lane being all Lois Lane-y, and of course, the “premiere” of everyone’s favorite Amazonian, Wonder Woman.

Watch it a couple of times, and try to take it all in.  The frame-by-frame breakdowns and fan theories will surely start to pour in soon.  In the meantime, we recommend taking a few moments to just be a fan and enjoy the view.

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