While most Americans are awaiting the conclusion of the two-part Doctor Who, ‘The Almost People’ premiering this Saturday at 9pm on BBC America, the Brits and a few pirate-Americans are looking forward to the mid-season finale, ‘A Good Man Goes to War.’ Heads up, this post will be all about ‘A Good Man Goes to War’ so if you’re not caught up or don’t want anything spoilt, go away! Please. Thank you.

All right, first we’ve got some cast photos from the episode. Obviously nothing from the episode here, but you can get a good look at Roman Rory (why is he a Roman, again?), Amy and baby, and the creepy woman with the eye patch who kept popping up in walls.

Sontarans? What is going on in this episode? And who are the dudes in cloaks and the chick with the sword? Yes, I’m just as confused as you are, but hopefully these videos will clear some things up.

Click the jump for the episode trailer as well as a clip.

Yup, I’m still lost. But at least now I know Rory isn’t really a Roman, it’s just some ploy of the Doctor’s and when do those ever make sense? Obviously the biggest ‘Whoa!’ moment appears in both the trailer and in more detail in the clip. The Doctor will finally learn who is River Song. At least I’m hoping so, Steven Moffat can only tease us for so long. So, who is she? We know she’s responsible for killing a good man and many have guessed that good man is The Doctor. But we saw his death in the first episode, or did we? Gah! Why is this show so tantalizingly confusing!?

And as if the photos and the clips weren’t enough to have you eagerly anticipating this episode we’ve got a few kind of spoilery hints from actor, Simon Fisher-Becker, who played the blue-skinned alien Dorium in ‘The Pandorica Opens.’ You may have caught a glimpse of him in the episode trailer, too. Besides appearing in this episode he’ll also return in the real finale, episode 13. The as-of-yet untitled episode is also rumored to have even more exciting guest stars. But back to Dorium, how does he fit in?

It’s a major part in the storyline, Dorium becomes a bit of a hero! Dorium is at heart a good guy, but he lives in the murky depths… He works in the murky world of black marketing, so that’s why River Song went to him to get the vortex manipulator [in ‘The Pandorica Opens’].

He doesn’t reprise any scenes with Song but will appear with the Doctor and even have a scene inside the Tardis. Fisher-Becker also hints at big changes for his character, something that’s especially heavy on effects. And how is he fitting into the finale?

It’s the last episode of the series and, what I will tell you, is that in Episode 7 Dorium is a hero and in Episode 13 he’s more of a tormenting mentor. Again, lots of answers – everything will be answered in Episode 13, but then something else will be asked, so you’ve got the cliffhanger to the new series.

Yes, yes, we hear you. Everything will eventually be answered but it’s so tough waiting until the fall! What do you guys think about all this? Have any good speculations? Please share.

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