In a move that is quite unusual in this Internet age, BBC America will be announcing the new Doctor Who companion this Saturday (April 23rd), hopefully before anyone on the Internet can find out and jump the gun a few days early. As the last episode ended, we found the good Doctor (Peter Capaldi) without a companion as his long time companion Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman) became the girl who both died and lived. Who might this new companion be and when will we see that person on the small screen?2F18365600000578-3347492-image-a-71_1449360895982

Here’s the announcement-announcement tweet from BBC America:

Since the upcoming Christmas Special is the only Doctor Who scheduled to air in 2016, that makes it the most likely place for the new companion to make his, her, or its, first appearance, or reappearance as the case may be. Long Time showrunner Steven Moffat is leaving the series after the tenth season in 2017 and handing the reins to Chris Chibnall. The current Doctor, Peter Capaldi has been asked to stay on after Moffat leaves, but has not committed as yet saying:

…it’s such a long time before I have to make that decision.

So we might be seeing more than one transition, the new companion may come on and after that one season with Capaldi, help transition a new Doctor into the long running series. This is nothing new, the series often makes dramatic and often traumatic changes in the Doctor and companion lineup.

If the new companion was to be an already established Doctor Who character, which would you like to see travel with the Doctor?


Personally, why not go with Sontaran butler Strax played by Dan Starkey. He’d be a hoot.

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