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If you’ve paid any attention to AMC‘s hit show The Walking Dead‘s actors off screen, then you know that Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reddus love to prank and mess with each other. They’ve become good friends and their hijinks have been delighting fans since the show first aired. This time around they decided to add some fuel to the Fan Fiction Fire while shooting a cover for the upcoming Walking Dead Entertainment Weekly cover.Here’s the cover shot that includes their incredible co-star Melissa Mcbride.


As good as that cookie looks, I wouldn’t want Carol to bake me cookies. That would probably mark my departure from the show in some brutal manner. Reedus and Lincoln’s shenanigans during that cover shoot were eventually discovered before the shoot wrapped up. EW Picture Editor Michele Romero was there and described it saying:

EW was photographing Andrew Lincoln, Melissa McBride, and Norman Reedus outside the former prison yard from season 3 and 4 of The Walking Dead. Lincoln and Reedus were behind McBride and Lincoln started laughing and was unable to maintain any actor composure in front of photographer Dan Winters’ camera. Lincoln NEVER breaks character and always maintains his American accent, even on a photo shoot. So this giggle fest was so strange to witness. Lincoln yelled for Reedus to stop and Reedus shouted, ‘Why? No one’s gonna see this!’


After a little investigating, we realized Reedus had been trying to hold Lincoln’s hand in the photos behind McBride’s back. Reedus knows how to make a great picture and also likes to give great imagery to his fans, so I asked the trio if we could shoot them from behind, and then I told Melissa McBride to turn her head towards the camera. They all complied, and then Reedus and Lincoln gave us something a little extra—taking their bromance to a whole other level. I love this picture because it just happened organically. Everyone needs a cheeky Norman Reedus.


Well, you can try, but you won’t be able to get that image out of your head the next time you see the pair when The Walking Dead returns this October. I have to say it is a fabulous picture and one that I plan to get autographed at this year’s Walker Stalker Con in Atlanta.

At this point I figured I would post a link to some Rick/Daryl fan fiction, Rickyl appears to be the favorite nom de plume, but I was quickly overwhelmed by the sheer amount of Rikyl material out there.

Holy Crap Dudes… I thought it best for my continued The Walking Dead viewing pleasure to not click any of those links. Feel free to Goggle Rickyl though. Maybe you’re made of sterner stuff than this NerdBastard.

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