I know, with a nickname like “Detective Pretty Boy” we could be talking about any number of male characters in any one of the CW’s series. In this case though, the reference is specifically for a key character in the upcoming superhero series The Flash, and for the discerning comic book fan, you just might be a tad surprised when you find out who “Detective Pretty Boy” refers to. Hint: he might not end up being one of the Scarlet Speedsters friends…

In the new featurette for The Flash we meet Detective Eddie Thawne played by Rick Gosnett. He’s suave, he’s cool, he’s pretty to look at, and he just might be the titular hero’s worst arch-nemesis. Although the connection isn’t explicit, Detective Thawne has the same last name as Professor Zoom, AKA: The Reverse Flash, AKA: Nega-Flash. Okay, I made that last one up for the benefit of readers who may not know their Flash lore, but what’s not made up is that you’re going to want to keep an eye on this guy: Eddie Thawne. Detective Pretty Boy.

To learn more about Thawne and his potential (love) connection to Flash’s best girl Iris West, which can’t possibly end badly, click play on the video below:

The Flash will air Tuesdays this fall on The CW. What did you Bastards think of Pretty Boy Thawne? Looking forward to seeing him suit up in the yellow and black (maybe)? Sound off below.

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