Spring is almost half a year away, but that doesn’t mean fans of the hit HBO series Game of Thrones have stopped wishing and waiting and hoping for that magical time of year filled with dragons and white walkers.  The last season ended with an uproar when a main character and fan favorite was unceremoneously offed in the finale.  Of course, this was not the first time such a thing had happened, so after the initial shock, fans broke into two groups: those who were sure he would return, and those who were sure he was dead.  Basically, those who had read the books or had the theories explained by their friends, and those who live under a rock.  In either camp, though, the minute the season five finale ended, they began counting down the days until the season six premiere.  To whet the proverbial whistle, HBO just released the first teaser for the show, and among other things, it shows that Bran is a royal pain.

So, obviously, the teaser doesn’t use any new footage from season six.  But you didn’t really expect it to, did you?  HBO is fully aware the fan base for GoT is large and devoted.  There is no reason to give anything away just yet, because they don’t have to.  You’d tune into the new season with or without a teaser.  This is just a piece of marketing, albeit a pretty good one.

So what can we gather from the teaser?  For one, the probably-not-so-dead Jon Snow is still getting some face time.  Of course, one could argue that is due to his big death that kept water cooler discussions going for weeks.  Also, there were dragons, copious amounts of death, and a smooch (between Sansa and the vaguely incestual Little Finger).  So basically a regular day in Westeros!  Except, we see Bran.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Bran is back.  Did you miss him?  Probably not.  And after his little “They have no idea what’s going to happen” comment, he’s probably not gaining many new fans.  He’s mocking us!  And what’s worse, he’s right!  Because the television series is up to date with the George R.R. Martin book series, even the fans that have poured over every page have no concrete knowledge of what’s to happen.  Sure, we have the theories, but science tells us a theory can never be proved.  So basically, we have nothing.  It’s going to be a long winter.

L + R = J, though, folks.  That is all.

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