Just when we were all starting to believe the internet on how Nicholas Cage‘s upcoming Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance is going to be terrible, Columbia Pictures releases a new theatrical trailer that makes the movie like such Nic Cagey fun. Stop this emotional roller coaster, will you? Fire, motorcycles, demons, cults, Christopher Lambert with facial tattoos decapitating someone! This movie has it all, and also has Nic Cage delivering lines the only way Nic Cage can (bad and cheesey). Yet still I find myself compelled to actually see this movie. Here’s the synopsis:

Former stuntman and bounty hunter of rogue demons Johnny Blaze has been living in self-imposed European exile, believing that his powers are a curse. But when he is approached by a member of a monastic order who is looking for someone to protect a mother and her son, who are being pursued by the devil in the figure of a man named Roarke, the Ghost Rider takes the case.

This trailer, combined with yesterdays posters makes me feel as though I will enjoy this movie. Secretly. Sure when the cool kids are around I’ll make fun of it and try and fool them that I didn’t like it, but the only one I will be fooling will be myself.

You can check the new trailer out after the jump.


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