Right off the bat, I’m going to say that this is fantastic. We’ve seen other Guardians of the Galaxy trailers before, and they’ve all been cool enough to make us jump on board. This one in particular has us not only jumping on the ship but also holding guns to the heads of usurpers out to make us stop. Nothing can make us stop. Not the true fans. Pirate this, b*tch! We are in it for the long haul ladies and gentlemen, and for once in our lives let us smell what the Captain is cooking and just ride along like we’re supposed to.  Am I saying we should just love what Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is doing here? Yes. Love it immediately. On top of the fact that director James Gunn and Marvel are premiering finished footage in finished screenings to the first-come-first-served group, we have this new piece all set to go. And why? They didn’t need to do it. Call it fan service, plain and simple. Just say Yes Please and relax your hand.

And now…unrelax your hand and let it do it’s job. This thing rocks Cherry Bomb by the Runaways throughout, with special editing to accommodate the scenes. As fun as it is, it harshly depicts the whole point to all this: Quill trying to save the universe because he freakin’ lives here, Dave Batista as Drax getting emphasis on his vengeance initiative, and Rocket Racoon basically doing the movie because he has a short life span and screw it if he dies. Gotta admit, that’s a good enough reason do this. MY GOD WHO AM I KIDDING HERE???

THIS is the best Guardians trailer they’ve put forth yet! It’s the type of thing that demands that casual moviegoers just love what they see and deal with it! That’s what I did! I was blown away by the viral site Galaxy Getaways but this thing put me in a new place. It practically screams “Hi, we’re new around here but that doesn’t matter because we’re hot and you love us.” Listen to the hot girls and do what they say! That’s what my dad told me, and he was right! Not even trying to fool you guys…this trailer is what seeing movies is all about.

Guardians of the Galaxy will be awesome and you will watch it and already know where.

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