All right, I’ll be honest with you. These are not the most exciting of new images. One is faaaaaaar more interesting than the other,  and since I think it’s obvious which I mean, I’ll just leave it at that.

First, a new still from Snow White and the Huntsman starring Kristin Stewart and Chris Hemsworth.

Yeah. Anyone else feel this could easily be a screen cap from any of the Twilight films? How boring can you get? Maybe it’s supposed to be showing off Snow White’s fairer side, I don’t know. This image isn’t doing the flick any favors, and it’s disappointing considering how badass the trailer is.

Next up, a new photo from Prometheus, Ridley Scott‘s Alien prequel,

I’m intrigued by the giant head. It’s obviously somewhere alien because you can see someone in a space suit, but why would there be a giant human-looking head on an alien planet? They hint at this giant head on the poster but not until now did I start thinking about it being a human head. What is going on in this movie? Why can’t it be closer to its June 8th release date? Frustrating.

What do you think of these new images?

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