A cache of new Deadpool 2 International Posters have been making the rounds on twitter teasing that the Merc with a Mouth isn’t coming alone when he arrives in theaters May 18th, 2018. The film’s been on quite a crazy road from having its release date moved up to having to head back to Vancouver for reshoots. According to Collider, the reshoots were to add more of the film’s co-stars, Cable (Josh Brolin) and Domino (Zazie Beatz) and the posters spotlight them both in their glorious costumes.

The film’s plot was released with the second trailer. The second trailer focused on everything Deadpool fans have come to know and love, violence, snappy one-liners, large angry men, gorgeous women who know how to put said men in their place, and of course everyone’s favorite 4th wall breaking psychopathic anti-hero. Reynolds has been making the Twitter rounds doing everything from raising money for cancer (using Deadpool) to borrowing quite a lot from DC Comics (Ironically once again in the tradition of Deadpool.) Wade Wilson gives Reynolds carte blanche to comment on everything in American culture and in order to keep up the branding (and it’s excellent branding) he had to find actors who could hold their own. Thankfully Beatz and Brolin both seem willing to play with fans, diving into social media with excitement.

The actors have been playfully teasing each other on twitter and these latest posters show off more than the initial first looks at both Cable and Domino. The playful energy the actors have put out on social media on Twitter and Instagram translates very well to these brand new international posters giving fans of Deadpool and his pals a much better look at the characters as well as quite a few hilarious taglines. Check them out below.




Deadpool’s role in reshaping superhero franchises to a certain extent can’t be understated. Reynold’s sleeper hit grossed 783 million during its theatrical run and the primary concern in the upcoming Disney-Fox merger is if Disney will be willing to keep Deadpool true to his comic and film spirit.

(If Reynolds’s response is any indication the actor has been preparing himself for that eventuality and it won’t be a blow to his character in the slightest.) Paired with his brand new colleagues, the trailers indicate that Reynolds and the Deadpool team have cast the perfect Cable and the perfect Domino and the audience’s hunger to see more of them both confirm it. Get prepped, strap on (and in) and above all prepare yourself because this May, Deadpool’s not coming alone.



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