Adapting Edgar Rice Burroughs‘ classic Barsoom novels about American Civil War soldier, John Carter who’s transported to Mars and must become a hero when’s he thrust between two warring Martian clans was almost unthinkable years ago. Nowadays such interplanetary odysseys are a dime a dozen. So will John Carter, the new film from Disney based on the books that practically began the sci-fi genre, be any good?

It’s tough to tell. Most of what we’ve seen in promotional stills and the few trailers they’ve released don’t reveal too much about the film’s plot. What they’re showing off are the fantastic creatures and Martain landscapes, so at least we’re guaranteed John Carter will look amazing. Personally, I have faith in director Andrew Stanton. This is the man who gave us Wall-E, one the greatest films of recent years, but can he work the same magic with living actors? I’ve seen so many films that look incredible but are a real pain in the ass to watch because their story, acting, editing, etc. are simply awful. I hope John Carter doesn’t fall into this same trap.

Check out this new featurette which gives us a closer look at some of Mar’s wonders. It’s obviously marketed for the younger Disney crowd, but it could be worse. Have you watched the new Episode I 3D trailer?

In addition to this clip some new concept images have hit the web. Again, they show off the film’s marvelous designs.

What’s your verdict on John Carter? I know we really never know until we see the film, but with movies becoming pricier and pricier if a flick doesn’t grab me, drag me into the theatre, sit me down, hold my eyes open Clockwork Orange style, I normally don’t buy a ticket.

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