There’s a new Justice League teaser making the Internet rounds after it’s premiere on the Today Show this morning. The teaser does feature a couple new shots for fans and the promise of a new trailer this Saturday. What is interesting is this teaser seems to focus on Jason Momoa as Aquaman which just pushed back its October 2018 release date to December of the same year. Check out the new teaser below.

Here ya go… and rumor has it there will be four more teasers before the big Saturday trailer, one for each hero. That would explain why Aquaman is so prominent in this first teaser.

Well, that was a teaser. We’re trying hard to keep our hopes up for this latest Warner Bros. and Zack Snyder attempt to build a DC Cinematic Universe, but it’s hard, so very hard. There will be three heroes without origin stories or prior movies when Justice League comes out and it harkens back to the Rami Spider-Man 3 villain origin overload. Will Justice League be able to introduce three new heroes to audiences without losing sight of a central villain and theme for the film?

Time will tell and hopefully, Wonder Woman will have left a good taste in our mouths.

Until Saturday then…

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