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With New Moon news coming at us everyday it is a delight when the real world rears it’s ugly head. In a realm of bedazzled, glittery vampires and werewolves that look like cartoons, this writer relishes a few moments of anarchy. It is no secret that Christine Foley and myself grew up when the sun destroyed a vampire, and Victorian eveningwear was the norm and second to to none in decadence and beauty. With almost every vampire’s sexuality called into play, the queen of vamp’s, Anne Rice and the founding father of our modern day dilemma, Dracula, were held to a different standard than these OC vampires polluting our TV’s and silver screens. So it is with great pleasure I must report that FINALLY these damned pirates have been brought to justice.According to Popeater-

22-year-old Samantha Tumpach claims she shot only a few minutes of footage, none of which she intended to pirate.

Tumpach says she was recording her sister’s 29th birthday party, which took place at the theater – much of the tape features her relatives singing “Happy Birthday.” A few minutes of the feature film were captured, however, and the young woman was arrested when a theater employee noticed Tumpach recording.

The manager decided to press charges, but Tumpach says, “It was a big thing over nothing. We were just messing around. Everyone is so surprised it got this far.”

Justice never tasted so sweet. These pirates are destroying our beloved moviegoing experience with their fiendish, Jack Sparrow-like ways. Increasing ticket prices and inflating studio costs, we finally can begin the revolution. And it begins with YOU, Samantha Tumpach……

No, seriously though, I hate Twilight but this story is fucken rediculous…

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