I love a good zombie story.  The emphasis in that sentence, however, is definitely the word GOOD. There are – pardon my very scientific term here – a crap-ton of movies, books, and comics that all revolve around reanimated monsters of one form or another; some are smart, some talk, some run, and some just don’t make any damn sense.  I guess what I’m saying is: the genre feels very near to its tipping point (some would argue it’s already been reached).  However, TV is one of the truly under-explored vistas for the living dead, and the folks behind AMC’s mega-smash The Walking Dead are hoping to double-down and hit big twice with the show’s spin-off, Fear the Walking Dead, coming later this summer to a small screen near you.fearthewalkingdeadheader

The show has been in production for a while now, and it’s already been renewed for a second season. Sidebar: the series hasn’t even premiered yet, so can you really “renew” a show that hasn’t even “new-ed” yet?  I digress.  Fear boasts much of the same behind-the-camera and high-level production crew that The Walking Dead does, so there is much hope to be had amongst us die-hard zombie lovers.

Now, courtesy of an Entertainment Weekly feature, we are getting the most visual info on the cast and still-life snippets of a few scenes.  You’ll notice in these pictures below: there ain’t no dead guys!  Even though there is nary a shambling corpse to be found, the premise of the series is definitely intriguing enough for me to give these “first looks” a pass: Fear will be set in Los Angeles, feeling a world away from the primarily-Georgia-based main series, and will feature events that occur right as the outbreak begins to take hold of the nation.

This is important for Walking Dead fans: in the original TV series, we never get to see this time period, as we “wake up” with Rick out of his coma weeks after the zompocalypse is in full throttle.  So, for me, these rather demure shots of the cast – including Cliff Curtis and Kim Dickens as a dating couple and the main characters, among others – seem to make sense in the slow-burn style of show AMC seems to be

Much like the first season of TWD, Fear the Walking Dead will be only six episodes long.  Check out these photos, and then let us know in the comments below: are you excited for the series, or do you Fear the Oversaturated Dead?

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