New Possible Prometheus Details

Ridley Scott‘s upcoming movie Promethus has been shrouded in mystery for a long time.

Once thought to be a prequel to Alien, it is now apparently a separate film that may or may not still be a prequel of sorts (as evidenced by the prominent character of the “Space Jockey” featured in the first Alien film). Frankly, it is all very confusing.

But, thanks to some new reports from SlashFilm, we may have a better idea on what the film contains, as well as a few casting notices.

According to the site (via AlienPrequelNews) Emun Elliot will be playing a character named Chance, and Benedict Wong playing someone called Ravel. In fact, Wong’s tweeted recently “prometheus…boom!” gives credence to these notices. But the best stuff came from a source close to the production.

I can confirm seeing 3 aliens having lunch. Not the whole costume but blueish costumes and the unmistakable heads hanging around their shoulders…The alien heads were the same shape [as the xenomorph from Alien] but no markings, only a plane bronze colour. As for the suits black boots and shoulder pads the rest was a Chelsea blue body suit could be for SFX, all the sets around the back of the bond stage have huge green chromokey maybe that’s a clue.
I have witnessed foam cut outs of unmistakable aliens all cut in half length ways so they could be in the floor walls etc and very much from the original film.

Could this mean that Alien xenomorphs are in the film? Sure.

But, as always, we here are Nerdbastards are skeptical bunch of bastards until we see some proof. That said, no matter what Scott has cooking with Prometheus, it’s going to be something cool!

Let us know your thoughts on Ridley Scott‘s Prometheus. Does this info make you excited, or so bored you can scream into space?

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