The October 12th premiere date for the fifth season of Robert Kirkman and AMC‘s The Walking Dead keeps lumbering closer and closer. Today we’ve got a brand spanking new trailer Never Let Down Your Guard to help scratch that Walking Dead itch. Click through to take a look and perhaps join the discussion.

Before we go into any details, take a look at the trailer below. Then check out what this NerdBastard thinks you should be worried about.

OK, things are looking bleak for our band of survivors. We last saw them locked up in a train boxcar with little chance of escape. I almost wrote “with little hope of escape,” but after a moments thought I’d have to say that Rick and group have all the hope in the world of escaping and taking it right back at those that had the audacity to “mess with them.”

What worries me most about this trailer isn’t what I saw, it’s what I didn’t see.


If you’re quick you probably saw Father Gabriel when that church door was opened and Rick and group went inside. I imagine we’ll get the Daryl Beth reunion soon after because most think that Father Gabriel was driving the car with the cross in the back window that took Beth last season. We do see Beth in scrubs later in the trailer:

walking dead999

Hmm, that makes me wonder if Gabriel took Beth to a place where she is helping some hospital staff or doctor.

I’m pretty sure I saw everyone that was inside that train car in scenes in the trailer that appear to be after the group comes to some kind of understanding with the Terminus people.

Whether this means they survive that big zombie battle at the bridge is another thing. Fans have been commenting on the foreshadowing of the death of Maggie, IE the photo burning of last season, and it looks like Glen is about to find out what it feels like to be a baseball throw right down the middle of the plate to Hank Arron.

If you pause it at 33 second mark you’ll see everyone from the boxcar except… Glen and Maggie.

walking dead1341234

Now I don’t think that Glenn takes a bat to the head, no matter how hard that trailer scene is trying to make it look like that. It more likely means that they are being held hostage by the Terminus group to ensure the rest of the group don’t come back and attack them, or the two could be somewhere else at this point. I do think that not seeing those two at this point is disturbing, especially if this scene is after the bridge fight.

With the addition of regular cast members, there’s sure to be some surprising main cast deaths this season. Each season has had at least one. Will Maggie and Glen follow last year’s shocking Herschel beheading?

walking dead 411414

The scene above, is that the Terminus compound? On the one hand I think it might not be, mainly because the trailers seem to show us that the two groups come to an understanding. As hopeful as that might be, would Rick and group let it go at that? Perhaps this scene above is what happens when the group goes back to get Maggie and Glen? It’s all just speculation at this point, but it would be great TV.

What’s your best speculation about what we’ll see in this first season five episode?

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