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Stacy McBride-Irby was a Barbie designer for 12 years and just released her own brand of African American (Black) girl action figures, which has a lot of folks up in arms. Why? Because people think it gives little girls the wrong idea about what a black doll should represent…

According to a New York Daily News article, though, some of these “modernities” are not being wholeheartedly embraced. Some are arguing that the dolls draw on the wrong things and have too many “rap-inspired details”:

“Not all black people like hip-hop,” said Barbara Mootoo, 15, of Manhattan, looking at Kara’s silver rope chain necklace. “They gave her a chain like a 50 Cent video.”Another feature being criticized is the long, flowing hair of each doll:

Tyaine Danclaire, 15, of the Bronx, liked Trichelle’s straight, long hair because it looked like “a weave,” but she thought the idea “was sorta racist.”

Dodging the controversy, McBride-Irby exclusively maintains to Black Voices why her new line of dolls should be the next present to the beloved little girl in your life:

Correct me if I’m wrong, but weren’t black Barbies hard to find because they didn’t sell well? Right. I don’t think a little black girl playing with a white Barbie is wondering why Barbie “Doesn’t look like her???” Also I don’t think little white girls are playing with the very rare black Barbies and wondering “Why isn’t there a Ku-Klux-Ken?”

These people don’t put as much thought into playing with dolls as you think. Little children aren’t racist, it’s environmental conditioning. A 15 year old girl is, of course, gonna be negative because she hasn’t played with a Barbie in a decade.

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