It’s been over 10 years since Star Trek has graced our TV screens; Enterprise ended its run unceremoniously in 2005. Most people were fine with that, but in the intervening years, especially after J.J. Abrams‘ rebooted Star Trek movies became a smash success, Trekkies everywhere started to wonder how long it would be before CBS would see the logic (heh) in making a renewed effort to launch a small screen Trek. There’s been no shortage of interest, many writers have had in their back pocket ideas to make it happened, and have even shared a few, but now it looks like something official is being built in TV space dock under the supervision of Alex Kurtzman.

Kurtzman, of course, is one of the screenwriters Abrams employed to pen his two Trek efforts, Roberto Orci was the other, and Damon Lindelof co-wrote the script for Star Trek Into Darkness. On the business side of things, he and Orci have since split ways, but their production company, Kurtzman/Orci Paper Products, is based out of CBS Studios where they produce Hawaii Five-0 and Scorpion for the network. Hence, Kurtzman get a first class perch.

However, Kurtzman is flying solo for this TV Trek. Orci is not a part of the show, which should be of greater concern to Trek fans that didn’t like the duo’s work on Star Trek or Into Darkness because Orci was the Trekkie of the two. Orci’s own solo Trek endeavor, writing and directing Star Trek: Beyond, came to not when he was replaced on the film by Justin Lin as director and Simon Pegg and Doug Jung as script writers.

UPDATED: As per further details revealed by Deadline, the new show is being developed exclusively for CBS All Access, the network’s exclusive streaming video site, and will premiere in January 2017 with a special airing on the main CBS network. Kurtzman has been meeting with writers quietly over the past couple of months, and although exactly details haven’t been announced about the plot, the show will feature a new Starflett crew boldly going.

For the record, September 2016 will mark exactly 50 years after the debut of the original series on NBC.

We’ll have more news on the proposed series when it’s announced.

Source: Deadline

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