As if we didn’t know, Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens this Friday in theaters everywhere, and likely on four or five screens in the each of those theaters. Over 4,400 screens in total will host The Force Awakens this weekend, which is about 4,368 more screens than the original Star Wars opened on in 1977. Still, the point is that the hype machine has been ratcheted up to 20 (and it only goes to 10), so do we really need the reminder that this is what’s coming? Of course not, but here to remind us any way are three new TV spots for The Force Awakens.

You better watch these because there’s a pretty good likelihood that you’ll forgot all about the weekend plans you’ve had for the last three years…

That was the “Wait is Over” ad. Although it should be called the “Wait is Almost Over” ad. Technically, for some people though, the wait will be over tonight, for they are among the lucky few who will get to see The Force Awakens and its huger than huge Hollywood premiere. For the rest of us, here are two more 15 second spots combined into one 30-second effort.

Those were some pretty action packed teases there. Lots of Han Solo and the Millennium Falcon, and, unless I’m mistaken, that’s the first time that we’ve seen Finn actually use the lightsaber in battle, the most we’ve seen so far is just him just lighting it up, against Stormtroopers and against Kylo Ren. Oh man, it’s going to so sweet! And just like that, the hype level went up further. Oh Lord, we’re doomed if this ends up sucking. I guess we’ll see…. In FOUR days!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is in theaters this weekend.

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