If you’re a gamer and fan of George R.R. Martin‘s epic saga, A Song of Ice and Fire you’ve got a shiny new year ahead of you. We already know to be expecting not one, not two but THREE Game of Thrones-inspired video games over the next year. One of these will be a casual, social game similar to Farmville, another a browser-based MMO and the third a Mass Effect-like RPG for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

The RPG is set to release in early 2012 and what we saw in the first trailer looks extremely promising. This game comes from Cyanide Studios and was developed with involvement of Martin. It will feature original characters with their on storylines weaved into what we already know about Westeros. Two of these characters will be Mors Westfold, a member of the Night’s Watch on the Wall, and a Red Priest named Alester Sarwyck. What’s especially cool, is since HBO’s had this successful television series, Game of Thrones, you might have heard of it, the game developers were able to benefit from using some of the series’ actors for voice work. It’ll be a nice little touch to connect the two properties.

Check out the first game trailer as well as the new trailer focusing on The Wall, below.

Do the trailers make the game look promising? Are you more interested in either of the other planned Game of Thrones video games?

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