Ever hear of Odeon? If you’re outside of the UK, then you probably haven’t. They’re a cinema chain in the United Kingdom and Ireland, much like AMC is to the US. Why do you need to know this? You don’t.We only mention them today because those limeys are partnered with FOX and they’ve been running a new spot for Deadpool. As far as we can tell, there’s only one bit of new footage that’s at the end. The rest of it, is the same scenes we’ve already seen a hundred times cut in a different order. But, hey, everything sounds better when presented by an assertive British voice over. 

The spot ends with Odeon British guy saying “Join the conversation”. What conversation… Deadpool? We can only assume they’re talking about talking about Deadpool… or are they? Maybe they’d like us to talk about the geo political landscape, or questioning the sanity of people who have one too many garden gnomes in their front lawn (can’t trust these people), or what it means when you get a pack of Sour Patch kids and its full of nothing but the green ones (yuck!). Point is, we just don’t know. But let’s assume for a moment we should be talking about Deadpool. If this trailer addresses anything, it’s the danger every super hero faces but no one ever really talks about… zippering while superheroing. Far too many superheroes have gotten their giblets caught in their super costume. As Deadpool says “it happens”. Fortunately, for Deadpool, he’s got a healing ability and near invulnerability. For everyone else, think “buttons”.

Deadpool opens in the United Kingdom on February 10, while North American audiences can expect it February 12.

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