“Hold your breath. Make a wish. Count to three.” And hope they don’t mess this up. Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory proved that anything is possible with a little bit of imagination. Of course, this comes with the exception of the 2005 remake starring Johnny Depp. However, it looks like Warner Bros. is going to take another shot at telling another story about Mr. Wonka. This time, the studio is teaming with producer David Heyman, whose recent work includes Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. The movie will be about an early adventure that Willy Wonka goes on.

Other names tied to the project include the manager of the Dahl Estate, Michael Siegel, who will produce the film as well as Kevin McCormick (Gangster Squad). Simon Rich (Man Seeking Woman) will be writing the script. Rich’s other credits also include Saturday Night Live, The Secret Lives Of Pets, and Inside Out. Rumors did go around today that Jason Micallef‘s Wonka, which was “a dark, reimagining of the Willy Wonka story beginning in World War II and culminating with his takeover of the chocolate factory,” but it turns out that it’s quite the opposite.

Sadly, the word “franchise” has been associated with the film. While the idea of multiple Willy Wonka films sounds great, these films tend to be directed with the notion of profit rather than making a good film. The original Gene Wilder film is such a beloved film, it would be a shame that another occurrence of a Johnny Depp style film would happen again. Albeit, the film actually wasn’t that bad. In fact, it got a 83% Fresh rating from critics on Rotten Tomatoes, but it only got a 51% from the audience because the Gene Wilder version is just special to so many people’s hearts.

Right now there is no other news as to who will direct the film or star in it. Whoever is chosen for these roles, they should know they have a very daunting task ahead of them. Don’t be surprised if this film never makes it out of this stage in its life. Some people may be too scared to tackle it. In the end, it may be the best for everyone. Some things are better left untouched.

Source: Slashfilm

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