Nimoy to Guest on ‘The Big Bang Theory’


Get ready Nimoy fans, he’s about to make a guest appearance on The Big Bang Theory, but forget about your camera’s and just bring your tape recorders. Nimoy is only making a guest VOICE appearance in a dream sequence.

Although this NerdBastard is sure the episode will be funny, I’m kinda disappointed that it will only be his voice in Sheldon’s dream and maybe a large cutout or the autographed napkin that Penny gave Sheldon.

The show has a great history of guest shots of SciFi greats:

Katiee Shackoff

Wil Wheaton

Lavar Burton

Brint Spiner

George Takei

Two years ago, Nimoy announced he was retiring and done with acting.
I have announced my retirement,”

“I will not be doing any more television or movie acting or directing.”

It sounded like he really meant it, but the folks behind The Big Bang Theory must have found some pretty good dirt on Nimoy or finally found his magic number.
Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons), has a serious obsession with Nimoy’s famous alter ego Spock. Therefore, it’s fitting that the actor will appear in an upcoming dream sequence. According to TV Line, for Nimoy’s guest spot he’ll be heard, but not seen. He’ll speak to Sheldon not as himself, but as Spock.
Nimoy’s episode is scheduled to air March 29.
Are you excited for Nimoy’s partial appearance?

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