Since 1988 if you’ve been a fan of NintendoSuper Mario, the Duck Hunt Dog, or anything related to Shigeru Miyamoto you’ve been collecting issues of Nintendo Power, the long standing magazine published in-house by Nintendo of America. Originally featuring game strategies — the magazine shifted to reviews, previews and special looks at upcoming titles — but after 24 years the magazine is calling it quits.

According to Nintendo Power senior editor Chris Hoffman, in a message via Twitter, the magazine only has a couple of issues left and that he’s “sad to see it go”. Since then the tweet has been removed, but Chris did promise that he and the editorial team would “try to make the last issues memorable”, so it’s not like their going to take the publication out behind the Nintendo building to put it out of it’s misery.

In a confirmation of Chris’ promise though, Nintendo Power writer Phil Theobald posted on Twitter that they had “something pretty sweet planned for the final issue.” Phil’s tweet was also removed by the time this article went to post but one can only assume that he’s talking about that Princess Toadstool centerfold that they’ve been teasing for eons.

With the progression of the digital age this was bound to happen, but it still sucks to see it go. The magazine has long been a source for anyone who loves Nintendo and their work, but like most publications it’s had to suffer in the age of digital publishing. Sadly, there is no word yet on if Nintendo Power will live on in the digital realm and until we know what the future holds it feels right to say thank you for giving us Nintendo nerds something worth waiting once a month for, we tip our plumber hats to you all Nintendo Power.

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