You may recall the somewhat controversial decision of Marvel Comics last year to pull the plug on the ongoing Fantastic Four comic book. The then-in-production Fantastic Four movie by Josh Trank was aiming to jump start the franchise, and there was a lot of talk about developing a shared universe between that, and the other Marvel property that Twentieth Century Fox owns the movies rights to, the X-Men. Some saw this as spite on the part of Marvel and its parent company, Walt Disney Studios, but that was just a rumor, and what are we to make of the company cancelling a moderately selling comic. Well dig this because it seems that Marvel is now cutting the legs out from under the comic book X-Men.

Let us break down the situation simply: Marvel is not cancelling the X-Men family of comic books. It can’t. Not only are the X-Men books among the company’s best selling, but there are a great many of them. So having settled that, the concept here is that there are going to be no more new mutants. You may think you’ve heard that before with the “Decimation” storyline, where the Scarlet Witch used her reality altering powers to take the powers away from all except 198 mutants globally. This is not that, but to illustrate, let’s go to a recently released page from the upcoming Extraordinary X-Men #1.


To summarize, the spread of the Terrigen mists is killing and sterilizing mutants as well as creating a whole new world full of Inhumans. With no new mutants, it means no new mutant superheroes, the rights for whom would automatically go to Fox. Last year, Chris Claremont spilled that there was an edict from the editorial staff of Marvel on the subject, and now it seems that it will become a matter of canon after Marvel’s Secret Wars story arc launches the “All-New, All-Different” Marvel Universe.

If this sounds oddly familiar, one might take it as a narrative reflection of the corporate reality. With Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. introducing Inhumans into the mix, ordinary humans suddenly realizing they have powers, it seems as though the Inhumans are taking the logical place occupied by mutants in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s long been rumored that this is the direction that the Marvel movies and TV shows are going into, and now the comic books are following suit by emphasizing the Inhumans, and de-emphasizing the mutants.

This situation will likely not help the bad blood and animosity between Fox and Marvel, because while the future of Fantastic Four is very much in doubt, Fox has no less than four X-Men movies in the pipe for next 18 months, so the franchise will likely keep chugging along at Fox for some time. The shame of it is that the X-Men have been a huge part of Marvel Comics for nearly 30 years, and now they seem to be purposefully sabotaging the book’s own legacy because of a fight over money.

On the other hand, we are talking about comic books, and what goes around comes around. It’s possible that in a few years time, the mutants will be taking the drivers seat again, but time will tell.

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