Gather round, FPS youngsters. Shooter grognards, put away your DOOM Bibles! I shall tell you of DOOM, the id Software title that changed gaming forever. In the bygone year of 1993, John Romero and his nerd-cabal created the first one-man hell invasion simulator and it was a thing of red and sticky glory, that left behind a legacy that lasts until today, with a ridonculous amounts of fan-made mods. Now, it returns for the new generation and it looks…

Better than expected, if we are honest. The trailer focuses on the single-player campaign, while falling back to John Carmac‘s old adage, that ‘no real video game requires a story’ and to instead keep its sights focused on the singular task of demon-stomping.


Another (very encouraging) bit of info we are gleaning from the trailer is that the developers have foregone the yellow-tinted filter that plagued the original gameplay footage and seem to have added a spanking new double-chainsaw. The cinematic-style executions are a worrisome gameplay feature if you are a hardened vanilla DOOM veteran, but for those of us that have given Brutal DOOM at least a casual glance might have to hold on until we get our hands on the final product.

If you need to worry about something, it’s the limited time devoted to showcasing the weapons in Doomguy’s arsenal, as well as the characteristic lack of a BFG-9000 in the trailer, the personalized WMD that has become a staple of the series. We are willing to let the gnawing doubt go for the time being and wait until May 13th 2016, when the game will be released for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

And if you really can’t handle the wait, then you can also pre-order the $120 dollar Special Edition, which comes packaged with a 12-inch Revenant figurine.

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