NOTE: For those that don’t have any patience for my ramble. Here’s the short of it. “here’s a commercial for norton Antivirus with Dolph and a unicorn.”

Two things I like most in life. 1. Unicorns. What? You wanna fight about it? Unicorns are AWESOME, and Magical. 2. 80s’ Action star, Dolph Lundgren. Uh, Rocky IV anyone? Or, how about Universal Soldier, or my personal favorite Masters of the Universe? His movie resume speaks volumes of his awesomeness. I’m not gay but I think it’s obvious that I have a total man crush on this blond, Swedish hulk of a man. If he were to say ‘I MUST BREAK YOU”, most would run away. I, however would offer him my body. What? It’s only gay unless you kiss! I digress, point is, that Dolph (him and I are on a first name basis) and Unicorns are good. Put them together and they are great. That said, here’s a video of a Norton AntiVirus commercial that features a sweet, tiny, innocent Unicorn and Dolph Lundgren. Dolph plays a mean, idendity stealing virus and the unicorn is supposed to be your innocent, unprotected PC (PCs’ SUCK!) Dolph wants to sexually molest your PC Unicorn or something, but only running Norton will stop him.

We all know from Norton vs Mcafeee Comparsion, Norton is Winner! You can use norton antivurs on Windows & Mac without any problem

The entire video is pretty cute and funny, but the end is pure gold!


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