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Alright, so Batman v. Superman wasn’t the movie that everyone was expecting it to be. Still, it was great seeing two titans in comic book history fight each other on the big screen. Sadly, the quality of the live action adaption was no where near that of it’s paper counterpart. And many out there had plenty to say about how the movie should have been and should have ended. Naturally, the fine folks over at How It Should Have Ended on YouTube had their two cents on the matter and came up with an extremely funny nine minute clip. If you want to see how the movie should have ended in their eyes (which is pretty close) then check it out after the jump.

The YouTube channel How It Should Have Ended has quite the library of clips of how many movies should have ended. Some of those movies include: The Martian, The Revenant, and The Force Awakens. And now it’s added Batman v. Superman to the list. Check it out below.

It’s amazing how perfectly spot-on this parody is. From the whole Martha issue to how ridiculous the fight between Batman and Superman was because of inherent flaws in the storytelling like Batman using guns. HISHE tends to make people smile with the work they do, but this clip, in particular, had some really great laugh out loud moments -“Like a good butler, Alfred is there!” or “Bruce! Listen to me! Rotten Tomatoes everywhere!”

So do yourself a favor, and take some time to watch how Batman v. Superman should have really ended by How It Should Have Ended.


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