NYCC 2012: Friday Cosplay Pics & Floor Report

We hit New York Comic Con hard on day 2, snagging exclusive interviews (which will run in the next couple of days) with Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead), Mike Mignola (Hellboy), and Angel and Faith artist Rebekah Isaacs. We also partook in a roundtable interview with Kevin Smith, Walt Flanagan, and the rest of the guys from Comic Book Men.

On the floor, movements had to be quick and well plotted. There are strategy elements to besting the sales floor level. Standing in the way? A ton of lines for various autograph sessions that both congested the lanes, but gave the con floor a buzz. Honestly, it seemed like you might walk into your favorite comic creator at any turn, and as I told you last night, that really is possible.

Speaking of a buzz and a pleasant surprise: artist’s alley was PACKED. In fact, I’ve never seen that many people congregating around some of comicdom’s best artists and writers, and it made my nerd heart sing.

Off the floor, Smith pleased during the Comic Book Men panel and — according to Dark Media Online’s Merrill Barr — Pacific Rim director Guillermo del Toro stole the show at the Legendary panel, detailing the upcoming connected graphic novel and the 3-D transformation process that he had previously been against.

The following is an excerpt from Mr. Barr’s article, which you should go read when you’re through with this one:

Del Toro said that after San Diego Comic-Con (where he stated he was adamantly against 3D for the film because of a scaling issue that occurs with the effect), he was approached by a post-conversion house that begged him to let them do a test to prove the film would work in 3D. Del Toro agreed to the test (not the conversion itself) under three conditions that had to be met first:

  1. Nothing could be scaled down to fit within the screen.
  2. If the conversion went through, the budget for standard post-conversion had to be doubled so ILM could produce all their VFX shots in native 3D.
  3. The studio had to give a minimum of 40 weeks from the film’s release date for the conversion.

Once his terms were agreed to, a test was done and as Del Toro put it “I did a full Romney.” Del Toro claimed full responsibility for the conversation even if it fails in the end.

In between interviews and other assignments, the Nerdbastards NYCC crew took to the floor like a crazed posse on the hunt for nerd bargains and cosplay pics. Speaking of pics, here you go!

Words by: J. Tabrys & Shelly V.

Pics by: Shelly v.



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