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New York Comic Con has come to a close but that doesn’t mean that the fun has to stop. If you were tied to your couch or some other place that was not the Jacob Javitz Center this weekend, then we have the perfect consolation prize for you: more cosplay, toy, and floor pics from the convention. 


Look at that pic… we thought Jewel Staite was in reverse-incognito, walking the show floor, but instead it was this amazing cosplayer. Other favorites from day two of the show included the Beauty and the Beast couple and Harley Quinn, who brandished her big damn hammer and then jacked the Rick Grimes’ dream zombie killing machine.


The cosplay is the main course in today’s article, but there were still some cool sights from the show floor left un-displayed. Sadly, we didn’t get a chance to capture a pic of the freshly revealed Nick Fury wax stature from Madame Tussauds’, but if you close your eyes real tight and think of Sam Jackson, you already knows what it looks like, because according to Jason Tabrys, “damn, that is an amazing likeness”.


We showed off a ton of toy pics from Masters of the Universe Classics, some crazy statues, and more, but this gallery focuses more on Play Imaginative’s diecast line of Iron Man mega-figures that look primed to give Hot Toys a run for their money in terms of attention to detail.

So, that’s all we have from the floor at New York Comic Con. Still keep an eye out on the site for a bit more coverage, including exclusive interviews with Kieron Gillen and Tim Seeley.

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