Ryan Reynolds has not had the best of luck with comic book movies. Clearly, he’s a fan of the genre, and he’s the kind of guy that gives 110 per cent to the part once he’s cast, but it’s been one swing and a miss after the other when it comes to his big screen superhero ambitions. Deadpool got dissed in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Green Lantern was dead on arrival, and the less said about R.I.P.D. the better (and Jeff Bridges would thank you never to mention it again). For all appearances though, this solo Deadpool looks like it may be Reynolds chance through. Like Chris Evans before him, he’s found his comic book muse. Or maybe this is just a picture of a guy on a toilet.

Like a lot of celebrities, Reynolds likes to treat fans on social media. His latest post from the set of Deadpool is an obvious nod to the meta/inside joke/breaking the fourth wall tradition of the character:

Yes, this is an official photo from the Deadpool production, and clearly they know the audience for this movie. Note that Deadpool (likely Reynolds in costume) is reading Deadpool #250, the most recent issue of the Marvel Comic wherein the so-called Merc with the Mouth is killed, hence Reynolds’ hashtag #alivepool. Bad puns aside, it seems that the cast and crew are having fun with this movie, which aside from the R-rated violence is exactly the tone fans of the character are going to want in this big screen outing.

I will also praise Reynolds himself, because he’s been doing a great job interacting with those fans, who are all very excited that this thing is finally happening. Apparently, there are numerous costumed Deadpool’s wandering around the Vancouver streets, which, as evidenced by this tweet, is making life for the Vancouver Police Service very interesting:

Deadpool will be in theeaters everywhere in February 2016.

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